The relationship that being against.
So many things happened to me during this semester break and Chinese New Year. 

Well, my parents are against with the relationship between me and my boyf.  They're so judgmental this time that I couldn't agree with their point of view.  I have my views and they have theirs.  They judged my boyf not only for his educational level but also his appearance, and this makes me so pissed with them for being so uneducated, as in educated people DONT judge people this way. 

Of course my parents and I quarreled for times, and my dad even asked me to distance myself from my boyf.  THIS IS SO F*CKING IMPOSIBRUUUUUU~!  Well of course I didn't listen to him and I didn't want to.  Not because that I'm already 21 and I can make my own decisions, but their way of judging is so old-fashioned.

This is my life and it's my choice whether to stay together with this man.  The person who's gonna married is me, and the person who's gonna face my future is me, myself.  Not my parents.  Aight,  they can give me advises and I will listen to them if they're right,  but please don't stop me for what I'm gonna do.  

They're way too judgmental and my friends who tried to convince them to accept the new perspectives of this generation were being described as disrespectful.  I'm not gonna give up on this relationship,  this man who loves me and pampers me so much.  Perhaps time is the best remedy.  I can do nothing but to pray everyday, wishing my parents would accept him for who he is one day. 

Well,  this semester break is going to end soon and I'm going back to uni in 6 more days.  I can't wait to leave here as the level of stress staying with my old-fashioned thinking parents is at its highest, and of course, i miss hectic life.  Teeeeheee.  Crazy this.  I miss how we used to rush to finish assignments before the deadlines, how we used to party and sleepover at friend's place.. and these, gonna happen again real soon.

I hope semester 2 will be better than semester 1 has been. 

and hoping my parents will accept my boyf, and give a chance to my boyf to proves his ability as a man.

Sleepless Night : Crap!
Another sleepless night. Ohgod.

It's been five days since I started my semester break and all I did was sleep and eat and repeat.  So not productive.  I need something to motivate me, like seriously.  My family is planning a short trip to HatYai this weekend or maybe next weekend, to get good food and cheap clothes.  Teeheeee~

One more month to go back campus.  I'm gonna stay with Charmaine this coming semester.  Hope everything goes smooth sailing this semester.  I know there'd be ups and downs in life but pretty please, reduce the chances for the downs.  *pray*

Can't wait to go shopping with the boyf and family.  Totally enjoying my life already.  Hahahaha.  The boyf asked me to accompany him to shop for clothes tomorrow.  It's a pretty good news cause he seldom buys his clothes.

And the hot topic that surrounds my family is THE KANGKUNG.  LOL.  When my mum bought economic rice for me, I saw this kangkung in her tupperware so I asked her :" did the boss discount for your rice?"  LMAO.  This Kangkung thingy really went viral.  I was laughing my head off when I saw people did all the photoshops for Kangkung.

So... my ass is pain now cause I'm sitting on my bed and I put the laptop on my lap.  If you study Physics, you'll know how pain my ass is when the full body force is being pushed to the ass part.  I was thinking to change the word 'ass' to 'butt'  but ah, don't care.  I'm gonna sleep  lay on my bed and play with my iPhone 5s.  Good night Malaysia.  Good night kangkung xD

12/1/2014 : The first blog post.
Petrichor : The scent of rain on dry Earth.

A short opening ceremony for this blog. *Taaa-daaa!* Hope this blog will last tho.  It's getting very late yet I'm still wide awake.  Memories running through my mind.  It's my semester break and I'm gonna blog a lot about semester one in UPSI and my life so far.

It's been 4 months since I entered UPSI, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris.  I'm doing my major on TESL (Teaching English as the Second Language) and minoring on English Literature which is a must for TESL student.  I thought English wasn't that hard after all but that was so wrong.  Language subjects are always hard because for things you don't need to know during school life, you have to know during Uni life.  People said university is a virtual society, I didn't take this statement seriously at first but ever since I enter university, things are getting harder, like you have to do everything on your own, some lecturers wouldn't guide you for the assignments given, register and find out everything on your own, and to differentiate who is the real friends who will always be there for you.  You might met a lot of friends but remember, time pass and people change, you can't expect people will remain the same as the first you know them, but when you found real friends, cherish them.  Believe me, you'll definitely miss schooling time after you enter university. 

That's for my uni life and now, love life.  My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 months and still going.  I never thought I would met this guy after the last break up.  He is... indescribable with words.  His loves and caring overwhelmed me.  He is always there for me whenever I needed him.  I don't know why, we are so believing in each other.  We don't control each other's social life because he knows almost every of my friends and I know most of his friends too.  We sometimes argue and we won't talk to each other for few hours, he will always be the one who says sorry to me and of course I will also apologize to him.  He always surprise me with good stuffs and always give his best to me.  Even my friends praised him and asked me to appreciate this man.  Of course I will.  Nobody knows what will happen in the future but I can promise one thing, if he doesn't leave me, I wouldn't as well.  

This paragraph will be the main reason I'm sleeping so late today, it's already 4.17am.  Memories. A person who I think, I will never forget.  My ex.  I know I shouldn't blog about him.  Okay, let's be optimistic here.  We were already break up for more than a year, the second year is near, yet I still can't forget him.  He was the guy that I've put all my heart and effort in.  I thought chemistry would happened between us, I thought we would last.  Well I'm not being emotional here but I'm just telling the truth and my feelings.  I blocked him on Facebook, I unfollowed him on Instagram (but he followed me) because I was afraid to see how good is his life without me, although I knew he has a girlf now, whom we used to argue because he was so close with her when we were together,  I can still clearly remember the day after we broke up, he phoned me and told me that I still have a place in his heart but we can't be together, he said he'd wait for me to go to his current living place, well tbh, I believed his words that time, say me stupid but this is a fact, until I knew he got together with that girl, I was so disappointed, really disappointed and hated him.  I threw all the things he gave me, all his photos, his contact number, his everything.  Until now, I followed back him on Instagram and there's no feeling of sad nor disappointment.  He's living his life good and I'm living my life way better than his.  Tomorrow is his birthday, still I won't wish him because it's not needed.  Mr C, best of luck for you and yes, you're an irresponsible guy and I guess until now, you're not forgiven yet.  Say me cheapskate but I will never forget all the things you've done to me and how you hurt me and lied to me.  It's so complicated whenever I think of him, I've already let go of him but not all the memories and I don't know why.  

Blogged about my ex doesn't mean anything.  Okay I LOVE MY BOYFIE AND THAT'S IT!

This marks the end of this post. Ok time to sleep.  Good night and sleep tight :D